Costa Rica is the ultimate paradise whether you are an adventure seeker, good cuisine, family-friendly activities, or any all-inclusive resort. Costa Rica, the amazing Central American country, is filled with beaches, rain forests, eco-chic hotels, biodiverse wildlife, rivers, and more. It has been the most enticing place for vacationers, and in recent times, it has evolved in popularity. And so goes the stay at our ocean-view hotel in Costa Rica.

It comes with no wonder that everyone has something to do here. Laloon Luxury Suites is a tropical paradise offering awe-inspiring views right of the Pacific Ocean, and there is nothing better than indulging in this scenic beauty from all our rooms. It is a luxurious destination that is located at the tropical hillside, offering all our guests a breathtaking glimpse of the ocean vistas that have more to boost your experience in your stay here.

Difference Between Ocean-View & Oceanfront Rooms

The Ocean view indicates that you can check out the ocean view right from your room irrespective of how impressive the views are. However, the oceanfront will help ensure that the room faces right into the ocean, offering you the ideal views that we have in our offerings. We can help you explore everything that you need during your stay with us. Remember that oceanfront rooms are different from the ones with beachfront rooms, which are generally located to overlook sandy beaches.

Visit Costa Rican Hotspots In Your Stay Here

Check Out The Astonishing National Parks

Costa Rica is the home to some of the best 30 national parks with around five percent of the biodiversity of the world. You will find coral reefs, cloud forests, rain forests, and dry forests that you can explore. One of the ideal things that you can do with your stay in our hotel in Costa Rica is mainly Tenorio Volcano National Park and also view the stunning Rio Celeste waterfall.

Explore The Active and Dormant Volcanoes

Costa Rica has more than 60 volcanoes, including five active ones. One of the highly popular attractions is the Arenal Volcano, mainly for individuals who plan to hike in its rugged terrain or soak in the soothing geothermal hot springs. Various resorts and spas are in the area to derive the ideal perk of the warm water naturally.

Enjoy The Wildlife Paradise

Around 30 percent of Costa Rica is safeguarded by its national parks, refuges, and reserves, as there are several places for the animal population to survive. You can head out anywhere to discover the wildlife. It is the country that remains a haven for around 500,000 animal species, including humpback whales, scarlet macaws, sea turtles, sloths, and green iguanas.

Enjoy The Peacefulness & Serenity of Ocean Views

The sight that you get from our ocean-view hotel in Costa Rica is huge and has a direct impact on the human mind as it is the phenomenon attributed to the mindset. The peaceful environment that we offer with the unobstructed ocean view will offer a sense of peace that you can hardly find anywhere else. You will find the most tranquil atmosphere here, enabling your guests to relax, unwind, and escape out of city life.

Access to Activities and Amenities

Your stay with us will help you derive the better peaks of the numerous beachfront activities along with amenities that you can try out here, right from swimming at our stunning pool that blends perfectly well with the ocean or taking part in water sports like snorkeling, surfing, and kayaking, where you will get a diverse range of options to experience the ocean in numerous ways.

Explore Our Hummingbird Capital of the World

Costa Rica is an iconic place, especially if you are a bird watcher; however, it is specifically best if you are planning to get a small glimpse of one of the various other hummingbird species that call it their home. There are a couple of forms of birds you will come across, including the coppery-headed emerald, violet sabrewig, and the magenta-throated woodstar.

Discover this Unsung Culinary Location

Food is typically not the first thing that strikes people’s minds whenever they consider vacationing in Costa Rica. However, with its conventional cuisine, which is formed out of Indigenous, Spanish, and Caribbean influences and bountiful fresh ingredients, it is a hotspot for adventure seekers who are foodies. 


A couple of the most famous dishes include arreglados which is a form of sandwich made of veggies, cheese, and meat, vuelve a la vida, or a ceviche-like seafood cocktail. And pejibayes or peach palm fruits that are served with mayonnaise after being boiled.

Enjoy The Pacific and Caribbean Beaches

Costa Rica has laid out the notable impacts in terms of safeguarding their national parklands, while the same is true for its beaches. The country boasts more than 800 miles of pristine and beautiful shoreline at its Pacific and Caribbean coasts. The Nicoya Peninsula is mainly famous for its laid-back beach towns of Santa Teresa and several different surfing spots.

Creating The Best Memories

Lastly, one of the highly notable perks of your stay at our hotel is to create the most unforgettable memories that you can create. The astonishing sunsets and sunrises, the soothing effect of the ocean, and the sight of the wildlife in its natural habitat will help make the ideal vacation here.

Plan A Trip Today!

We hope that we have explained every pointer on how you can make your stay worthwhile at our ocean-view hotel in Costa Rica, Laloon Luxury Suites. There are various types of destinations to check out here, along with the amenities and activities that have made this location the ideal place for those in search of escapades.

If you need more help with other details, then you are on the right page. Our website is listed with numerous itinerary ideas that will align well with travelers from all over the world. Staying at our ocean-view hotel will make your visit to Costa Rica the ultimate experience if you are an adventurer or honeymooner. You can boost your entire vacation experience while indulging in the luxury of our resort will make its way down your memory lane. Consider the various perks of waking up to the breathtaking ocean view at Laloon Luxury Suites if you plan for a tropical getaway!