The Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica is prominent for sun, partying, and surfing. If you wish to avoid the beaches of Tamarindo packed by Gringo, head south to the Santa Teresa, Costa Rica town. Here you can find the beaches that are extremely beautiful with less crowds. The beautiful sunsets and the laid-back atmosphere will make you fall in love with this smaller corner of Costa Rica.

During your stay in one of the best Santa Teresa Costa Rica Hotels, you can do numerous things, and we will break down everything you need to know while planning this trip.

Cool Things to Try Out Here

Although the town of Santa Teresa is small, it is the best base for exploring the southern Nicoya Peninsula. The following are the ideal things that you can try out here when you stay in our luxury suite.

Unwinding At Banana Beach Bar

When you plan to enjoy smoothies, cocktails, a lively atmosphere, great food, and reggae music, you should sit right at Banana Beach Bar. It is just like a laid-back bar on the beach among the palm trees. It is ideal for watching the enchanting sunset right at the end of the afternoon with your feet soaked under the sand.

Surfing Of Taking Surfing Lessons

Santa Teresa is one of the ideal places to surf in Costa Rica. It is during the rainy season, happening between May and November; the waves are huge and well-suited for experienced surfers. It is during the dry season between December and April when the waves are less intense, making them ideal for beginner and intermediate surfers. Playa Hermosa renders the iconic waves for beginners as there are surfing instructors present. When you stay at one of the best Santa Teresa Costa Rica hotels, Playa is the ideal spot to surf.

Horseback Riding in Santa Teresa

Horseback riding forms one of the highly enjoyable activities to try out here during your stay. You can book your tour, taking you through horseback riding through the expansive Manzanillo Beach through the entire countryside across the rivers. It is mainly memorable to head out for horseback riding during sunset or sunrise. The tides are often considered as the beach is wide to gallop through the store. 

Yoga in Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is an iconic destination for finding better peace in your travels, and yoga is a famous activity there. Yoga classes are offered on the yoga deck as well as on the beach. However, a beach yoga class around the entire sunset is less comfortable due to the crowd. You can opt for the yoga classes at Santa Teresa, as they have the most beautiful panoramic yoga deck with an alluring ocean view.

Walk To Cemetary Island At Low Tide

Take a 25-minute drive right out of Montezuma, a smaller island, unlike any place you have visited earlier on. The Cabuya island forms a smaller plot of land that is surrounded by water forming a cemetery. You can take a stroll out to the island through the sliver of rocky land peeking right out of the water when the tide is low. Walk through the white arch present on the smaller path leading to the entire grave collection. Although it may appear a bit creepy, however, it is not. It is an extremely interesting and peaceful place to visit whenever you have the right time. 

Shopping at Charming Boutique Stores

Santa Teresa is no longer a paradise for shoppers; however, there are a couple of elegant boutique stores spread throughout. You can locate unique pieces of jewelry, beautiful interior accessories, and general surf clothing. Several of the shops are located near Playa Carmen; however, there are a couple of trendy shops along the road from Playa Carmen to Playa Santa Teresa.

Parties and Enjoying Live Music in Santa Teresa

You can find entertainment in Santa Teresa every evening. You will also find live music at Kika on Thursday nights and at Banana Beach Bar, which hosts several parties during the weekends. It is ideal to ask your hotel or inquire with the locals to find out what is happening, with the events varying from one season to the other.

Take a Dip in the Mal Pais Tide Pools

At times, nature will create the most scenic landscapes. The Mal Pais Tide Pools are the natural pools filled with seawater during the high tide offering you an iconic spot soaking during the low rides. These pools are crystal clear and warm up instantly under the sun. Also, find out about the timing of the high and the low tides. You can locate these pools right near the smaller fishing village of Mal Pais a couple of miles from Santa Teresa.

Take a Trip to Montezuma

If you aim to explore the greater parts of the Nicoya Peninsula, consider taking your trip to Montezuma. It is a smaller village across the southern part of the peninsula with a calming atmosphere. It is about a 40-minute drive by rental car or an hour by bus from Santa Teresa. You can even visit Montezuma as a day trip or opt to stay there for a couple of days.

Party on the beach

Although Santa Teresa is often lacking in nightclubs, you can locate several new scopes for an extensive laid-back style of nightlife on the beach. Head out to the beach right after the sunset, and you can find things here. There are parties, beach bonfires, and events taking place weekly at La Lora Amarilla, Rancho Itauna, and Banana Beach.

Visit Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve

Cabo Blanco was generally named as the first Nature Reserve in Costa Rica in 1963, located right at the southern tip of the Nicoya peninsula. It is the iconic spot to get away from the crowds and get up closer and personal with nature. The trails here are rustic; however, it is part of the charm of the reserve.

Planning A Trip To Costa Rica?

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