Emerald green jungles, coastlines of turquoise waters, and the wild spirit of Costa Rica all beckon. Nonetheless, a standard resort experience will not do for the discerning traveler. Want to make memories with your destination, and have a touch of luxury that is personal and an interesting story? There is no better place than Costa Rica boutique hotels.

The magic is embodied here at Laloon Luxury Suites. We aren’t just another hotel; we are a hidden sanctuary right in the heart of Santa Teresa where people go to look for an experience that they will never forget about their time in Costa Rica.

Why Choose a Boutique Hotel Beyond the Standard Resort?

Though mass tourism has its place, when it comes to really transformative experiences there are many advantages associated with staying at a boutique hotel.

Uniqueness and Character

Every boutique hotel is like one unique jewel having its personality and history behind it. In contrast to huge resorts that all look alike, Laloon captures the essence of Santa Teresa. Imagine waking up every morning to the sounds of a jungle symphony and rhythmical ocean tides as a constant reminder you are somewhere different from anywhere else on Earth.

Ambivalent Atmosphere

In boutique hotels, service is given to patrons in a personal way and they try to make the guests feel like part of a family. Crowding people and having cold encounters is over. This place will make you feel special rather than just another number. Our loyal workers are at your disposal 24/7 to ensure that your stay is smooth and unforgettable.


Boutique hotels frequently boast prime positions that create an authentic experience for their customers. Laloon is located on the side of a hill; thus giving you an extensive view of the ocean all around with seclusion but also within minutes from world-famous surfing areas and cute cafes.

Luxury Redefined

Luxury at a boutique hotel isn’t about opulent displays, it’s about delicate flourishes and careful attention to detail. At Laloon we have positioned ourselves as an oasis of comfort and style. Our luxurious suites feature plush king-sized beds with top-quality amenities for your relaxation needs. Picture yourself lying back on a private deck with vistas stretching as far as the Pacific Ocean while its golden orb disappears beneath the horizon turning fiery orange skies ablaze.

A Gateway to Adventure

Boutique establishments are often well-versed in the city’s happenings. Laloon is perfectly situated for exploration. If you are an experienced surfer wanting heart-pounding waves or someone who loves nature and yearns for untouched rainforests with secret waterfalls, we can link you up with THE best experiences Santa Teresa has to offer.

Beyond the Suite: Unveiling the Laloon Experience

Laloon is more than a hotel; it’s a springboard to unforgettable memories. Here’s a sneak preview of what is in store for you.

  • Unwind in Paradise: Our pool appears to expand into infinity from your standpoint because it is located among palm trees. Perfect for sunbathing with magnificent views over the ocean. You may even find yourself drifting off into dreamland amidst the beauty of Costa Rica’s landscapes while listening to waves and taking a quick swim after spending some time exploring around
  • Reconnect with nature: Laloon has a lot of life forms that are luxuriant. The trees are full of howler monkeys and the exotic birds sing sweetly to you as you walk. Feast your eyes on the sight of the rainbow-colored natural world, so vibrant and diverse from the noise on our streets every day. 
  • Experience local taste: Take pleasure in all kinds of meals made out of fresh local foods. When you wake up early in the morning on your own balcony, wouldn’t it be great to start your day with a yummy breakfast?

Unforgettable Experiences: From private surf lessons to guided hikes in the rainforest, we offer our guests everything they need in order to experience an unforgettable Costa Rican adventure. You will be able to be taught by one local surf instructor (who is a specialist) how to swim when in the ocean conquer waves, or discover waterfalls hiding behind green plants that grow on walls.

Laloon: More Than Just a Hotel, a Costa Rican Sanctuary

Laloon Luxury Suites is more than just a place to stay; it’s a sensation. It’s the ambiance of being pampered with extravagant comfort while enjoying amazing sceneries of nature. It makes one feel like they belong to a society where the highest quality services are provided under a truly friendly president. 

Would you like to trade the exceptional one by making your reservations at Laloon Luxury Suites and enjoy an exquisite Costa Rica boutique hotel experience? We’re eagerly looking forward to hosting you on our shores