Santa Teresa has become the exquisite upcoming hip-surf town across the Nicoya Peninsula along the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. It is a laid-back beach town that has attained quite fame due to the iconic waves, wild beaches, and dynamic yoga scene. Irrespective of Santa Teresa turning out to be one of the prominent beach towns in Costa Rica among the digital nomads, surf and yoga lovers feel untouched. The luxury hotel in Santa Teresa is the perfect place to spend your holiday, with its scenic white sandy beaches, great cafes and restaurants, colorful sunsets, and more.

In our post today, you can find everything you need to know about the ideal things to do in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica!

Best Things to Do in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Other than undertaking the surfing lessons, sunbathing on the beaches in Santa Teresa can help you explore the National Park as well as the waterfall closer to Santa Teresa.

Surf the Waves

Santa Teresa is the most prominent location in Costa Rica dedicated to. With the greater amount of surf schools, it is the perfect spot for surfing lessons. The consistent waves throughout the year help you surf here at any time of the year. But remember that it is during the rainy season when the waves become choppier. The two heaviest rainy months are September and October. Fundamentally, while enjoying your stay in a hotel in Santa Teresa, there are a couple of best spots for the surfers.

Playa Santa Teresa

It is one of the most iconic surfing spots due to the ease of access to the town. It is through a couple of sandy paths, where it branches off the main road, that you will enter the beach. It is often seamless to check out the other surfers in the ocean, spotting the ideal surfing spot.

Playa Hermosa

With just a 10-minute drive right out of the town of Santa Teresa, you can find Playa Hermosa, which is the perfect surfing spot for those in search of something more tranquil than Santa Teresa. Here, you can land on consistent waves with the sandy break, which is the core part of the surfing lessons offered at Playa Hermosa.

Playa Carmen

The other iconic spot to surf in Santa Teresa is along the shoreline of Playa Carmen. Being located across the southern end of Santa Teresa, Playa Carmen often stretches to about 1.5 km, starting at Banana Beach. It is almost 10 to 15 minutes of walking from the center of Santa Teresa. Playa Carmen is the ideal spot to sip sunset drinks at the best beach bars.

Playa Mal Pais

It is considered one of the best beaches in Santa Teresa to surf. Playa Malpais is often calmer and less developed than the beaches closer to the town of Santa Teresa, and you can feel completely laid-back. It is the ideal way to escape the busiest waves near the town while experiencing the best of surfing. 

Hike through Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve

You can even check out the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve while enjoying your stay at a hotel in Santa Teresa, which is an iconic park sitting at the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. In this tropical rainforest, you will come across a variety of species of wildlife, if you are in search of an active day trip from your hotel in Santa Teresa while heading out to Cabo Blanco to explore the trails. The reserve comes with two trails, with one main trail, the Sueco Trail, leading to the beach, where you can effectively cool off in the ocean right after the hike. Visit Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve, the ideal activity while searching for an off-beaten path destination.

Take a Day Trip to Tortuga Island

Tortuga Island is often located at the eastern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, which is about an hour and a half away by boat. Isla Tortuga is the perfect location for a day trip. You can explore its iconic white sandy beaches that are lined with palm trees and its iconic turquoise clear waters. Turtle Island is the ideal place to snorkel and go scuba diving. However, if you are not into water activities, you can hike while taking a canopy tour, where you can unwind at the beaches.

Cool Off at Montezuma Waterfall

It is the waterfall that is located near the town of Montezuma and is about a 30-minute drive from Santa Teresa. It is a collection of about three waterfalls, which is ideal for a bit of endeavor, including swimming, hiking, and exploring the nearby nature of Santa Teresa. The best waterfall of the three Montezuma, which is about 24 meters tall. It is the waterfall which is the seamless access as you can follow the riverbed trail. Visiting the upper falls will help you hike a few steep stairs. Both waterfalls are about 5 to 12 meters in height and are not the best ones for the first and the lowest waterfalls.

Go Sea Kayaking

There is nothing better than heading closer to nature instead of kayaking. It comes without any doubt, as there are a couple of ideal things to do here. The best thing about the Gulf of Nicoya is the most astonishing place for kayaking. It is often sheltered through the wind by the near-shore island, which is easily paddled with varied species of fish, birds, and animal life. 

Watch the Sunset at Santa Teresa Beach

Whenever you arrive at Santa Teresa, spending the best time at the beach is compulsory. Playa Santa Teresa is the most iconic beach that is lined with palm trees and surfers who hit the waves from early morning until sunset. During the afternoons, it almost appears that the entire town arrives at the beach to watch the sunset and gathers together with coconut or beer. The sunsets in Santa Teresa are one of the best, as we have noted in Costa Rica.

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