Far across the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, you will come across Costa Rica. Right away from the city lights and airports, you will find Santa Teresa. Although this wilderness-backed beach town lies remote, it is anything but a dull one. The shared workplaces, hip restaurants, and the growing population of young expats make it feel like the next big happening. Santa Teresa is the place you need to be in. It has remarkable white sandy beaches, alluring thousands of travelers all year round. You can walk as well as run through the beaches. The place houses some of the most amazing restaurants, modern-day amenities, and the best of Santa Teresa Costa Rica hotels.

There are numerous things one can try out in this beach town. You can enjoy yoga, a soothing massage, and long sunset walks across the beaches.

Best Things to Do in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Santa Teresa is the place where you would often lose the accountability of time and do things a bit slower. Although it is not located on the island, however, on the peninsula, you would feel the real island vibes. Other than taking the surfing lessons and sunbathing on the beaches, here will help you explore the entire National Park with the waterfall closer to Santa Teresa.

Surf the Waves at Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is the most prominent destination, especially for surging. There are numerous surfing schools that you will find here, making it the perfect spot for taking up surfing lessons. The consistent waves all year round will help you surf here. But remember that during the rainy seasons, the waves become choppier. The two heaviest rainy months are September and October. You would often sure anywhere along the coast here, but you will love the spots that lie close to the Santa Teresa Costa Rica Hotels. Here are a few attractive spots!

Playa Santa Teresa

Playa Santa Teresa and Playa Carmen are the two core beaches in Santa Teresa as they come in contact with one another. So which is the main beach? It mainly relies on wherever you are accommodating. Those staying closer to Playa Carmen would consider this as the main beach. Identically, those staying near Playa Santa Teresa. Both of them have numerous cafes and bars supporting the requirement for a drink or bit to each. Playa Santa Teresa is a massive beach that is ideal for sunbathing. The beach has an astonishing jungle backdrop with a great spot for the famous sunsets. 

Playa Carmen

Playa Carmen is a short walk from the main bustle of this southern end of the town, which is perfect for catching the stunning sunset of Santa Teresa. It is the core location that will gather some crowds; however, the wide beach has an astonishing jungle palm backdrop. Playa Carmen has good currents and decent waves that make the best for gathering the entire experience for the surfers.

Playa Hermosa

The meaningful, beautiful beach forms Playa Hermosa at Santa Teresa, which has attained the great crown. The palm-fringed backdrop with the less people will make you feel as if to have escaped the masses. It would be best if you had not amble with the touch-down north of Santa Teresa beach, with around 15 minutes to get there. It is the best spot for beginners in surfing due to the beach breaks, weaker rip tides, lack of rocks, and cushiony sand. Here, you can gather more organized instructors and lessons.

Playa Manzanillo

There is around 20 to 30 mins from Santa Teresa, about 8km north, where you will find Playa Manzanillo. Several individuals would only bother to head out this far if there were way too many beautiful beaches on the doorstep of Santa Teresa. But, if you are beach bumping, determined to hit across every stretch of the sand, or need more solitude, Playa Manzanillo, add to your list. You can take an ATV to get here.

Hike Through Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve

Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve is the ideal part, sitting at the southern edge of the Nicoya Peninsula. Here in this tropical rainforest lives several varied species of wildlife, so when you are searching for an active day trip from Santa Teresa, you can check out Cabo Blanco to explore these trails. The reserve normally has two trails with one core trail with Sueco Trail leading to the beach where you can effectively cool off in this ocean since the hike. Visiting this reserve forms the ideal activity if you are in search of an off-the-beat track here.

Take a Yoga Class

So, you love doing yoga? Staying at the best Santa Teresa Costa Rica Hotels can give you the best of this beach town. The setting is perfect for yoga. Santa Teresa has numerous yoga retreats offering the best yoga classes across different skill levels. Try envisioning practicing yoga out in the open-air yoga place, which is surrounded by the exotic jungles of Costa Rica. There are numerous options made available; however, the ideal one is offered daily with the help of numerous teachers.

Take a Day Trip to Tortuga Island

There are always things that are special about Tortuga Island, which is right off the east coast of the Nicoya Peninsula. It is the purest white sand with the sparkling clear sea. It offers the ideal relief to be able to swim and unwind yourself in the calm water. The water here is completely clear, with Tortuga Island ideal for snorkeling. You need not have to stress about sitting on the beach or wish to stretch your legs, as you will find several hiking trails here. You can even spot some wild pigs here. The ideal thing to do here is to book a day trip whenever you are arriving in Santa Teresa. Here, you can find numerous places for selling day trips, including lunch and snorkeling.

Shop and Dine in Santa Teresa Village

Santa Teresa is one of the lengthiest stripes on the road, which is at the best location right on the beach. It is never the prettiest one. But, for the majority of the businesses that have popped up makes it easier to get stuck in this place. For sure, being here, you would often expect a few award-winning coffee right in the cafes, as there are surfing and yoga shops that would feed the fanatics of both types of sports.

Day trip to Montezuma Town

The cutest little town of Montezuma was an original upscale resort town on the Nicoya Peninsula, making it perfect for a day trip from Santa Teresa if you wish to explore a bit further into the field. On a single day, you can visit the waterfall here, even the beach, while you wander around the smaller restaurants and cafes. It would take around 30 minutes to get to Montezuma from Santa Teresa.

Cool off at Montezuma Waterfall

Montezuma Waterfall is mainly located near Montezuma town, which is around a 30-minute drive from Santa Teresa. It is the collection of three waterfalls often ideal for little endeavors, including swimming, hiking, and exploring the nearby nature here. The top waterfall among the three is the Montezuma Waterfalls, which is around 24 meters tall. The waterfall is the seamless access you can follow onto the riverbed trail. To visit these upper falls, you need to hike up some steep stairs. These two waterfalls are just 5 and 12 meters in height and are less pretty than the first and the lowest waterfall.

Go Sea Kayaking

You will find nothing better than staying closer to nature than going kayaking. It is one of the ideal things to do here. The best thing here is the Gulf of Nicoya, which is an amazing place to go kayaking. The majority of it is sheltered from the wind, with the near-shore islands making it easier to paddle with varied fish, bird, and animal life.

Watch the Sunset at Santa Teresa Beach

If you are heading out here in Santa Teresa, then you can spend your time right at the beach. Playa Santa Teresa is the most beautiful beach, often lined with palm trees with surfers who hit the waves right from the morning till the sunset. During the afternoons, it appears as if the entire town is coming out to the beach, watching the sunset while gathering together with a coconut or beer. The sunsets here are one of the ideal things to do here.

Beach Bonfires

Santa Teresa is nothing more than a party town. There are numerous things that you can get started here with a can of beer. Along with sunset cocktails and happy hours right at the local beach bars in the town, Santa Teresa has the best beach bonfire culture. You can bring your beer while huddling around the bonfire while making some great friends.

Relax In This Coastal Town!

While you are enjoying your stay at the Santa Teresa Costa Rica Hotels, the place offers some of the finest beaches and an entire range of things that you can try out here. At Laloon Luxury Suites, we offer to make your stay more memorable with the finest amenities and varied forms of adventures. So, wait no more and book your stay now!