Santa Teresa is one of the main destinations people are often heading out to while visiting Costa Rica. It is mainly due to the plentiful of amazing experiences one would experience here. The town has in store everything required to have a perfect vacation, right from its mesmerizing hotels to the beaches to nature reserves, bars, and restaurants where one would opt for hiking and checking out the wildlife. It is the ideal place where you can unwind yourself surfing right here in Costa Rica. First-time travelers visiting the town can choose to stay in one of the best Santa Teresa Costa Rica hotels to try out the most unforgettable activities here.

What to Do in Santa Teresa

Let us now check out the best things that you can try out here in Santa Teresa.

Go Surfing at the Beach

Surfing is considered one of the most popular activities in Santa Teresa, as there are numerous beaches where you can enjoy this activity while enjoying your stay in the town. Surfing here is the ideal option, as there is a spot for different levels of surfers, right from beginners to experts. The waves would often remain consistent all year round as you can get better in your visit between March and April.

There are numerous camps and surfing schools around lined up right at some of the ideal surfing beaches in this down even those who are visiting the town as a newbie surfer who can learn and enjoy their activities. The ideal beaches to surf in Santa Teresa as Playa Carmen, Playa Santa Teresa, and Playa Hermosa.

Horseback Riding Along the Beach

Horseback Riding on the beach forms a prominent activity in Santa Teresa. It renders the most distinctive experience and the ideal way to check out the real scenery of the town. The horseback riding tours in Santa Teresa take place even in the sunset making your experience truly serene and amazingly scenic. There are numerous horseback riding tours made available in Santa Teresa that offer this key experience that would last about a couple of hours or more.

Take a Surf Lesson

If you don’t have the training to surf, then you need not worry, as at the best Santa Teresa Costa Rica Hotels, we have loads in store! Learn how to surf in warm water and Santa Teresa is the ideal spot to learn surfing. The currents here are quite strong, so if you are a beginner, then you should book your surfing lesson. Your private instructor will offer you everything that you require, teach you on days to pop up, paddling out, the rules behind the lineup, and more. The lesson arrives with some of the best captures with GoPro Photos, which is the sweetest. Take A Day Trip To Montezuma

Montezuma is the most beautiful and touristy town close to Santa Teresa. The town offers ample astonishing experiences, which is why it is worth a day trip. The town is less than an hour’s drive from Santa Teresa, which is endowed with scenic beaches, numerous natural attractions, and top-notch restaurants. You can also check out the wildlife and enjoy walking in the beautiful forest areas.

Explore The Town Of Santa Teresa

Visitors to Santa Teresa would often spend all of their time on the beaches, thereby missing out on the exciting experience you can enjoy right here in the town. When you are vacationing here, you should always take some time and walk up the streets of the town to see some of the best chains of cafes, restaurants, tourist attractions, and luxurious hotels you can find here. It is the ideal way to spend the best time away from the beaches to derive the best experience. Although you can walk down the streets, you can also rent a bike from a shop, making your experience less stressful and faster.

Go Beach Hopping In The Town

Beaches form one of the highly prominent attractions in Santa Teresa, and visiting this place individually is worth the while vacationing here. Santa Teresa beaches to check out are as follows:

  • Playa Santa Teresa: It is the most prominent beach right here. The surrounding trees and soft sand often characterize it, and it is the ideal place to swim and surf.
  • Playa Carmen: The beach is surrounded by towering forest-covered hills that feature crashing waves as the best to go year-round surfing. The beach is closer to the restaurants and the shops, and the sunsets here are astounding.
  • Playa Hermosa: The beach is characterized by the surrounding forests and soft sands. It features calmer waves, which are best for beginners in surfing and swimming.

Take A Trip To Montezuma Waterfalls

Montezuma waterfalls are the prominent attractions right here in Costa Rica that individuals love visiting to enjoy a bit of natural scenic beauty and unwind. The waterfall mainly cascades out of the three falls that are located right about forty minutes from Santa Teresa, and visiting is the ideal thing to do here if you need something more than sand and surf. The road trip to this waterfall is the initial thing you can enjoy while visiting here, as you can get all excited here. Travelers need to travel to the riverbed trails and walk up the trail till they head out to the falls to get to Montezuma Waterfalls. These waterfalls feature a pool, and swimming is allowed here other than offering the astounding natural scenery.

Go Bird Watching At Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve

Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve is a naturally attractive area in the Nicoya Peninsula, close to Santa Teresa. The reserve covers an area of about 1270 hectares and contains numerous trees, bird species, marine life, and some of Costa Rica’s most interesting wildlife species. Although one would visit for the plant life, it also offers amazing activities like bird watching, which makes the preserve highly attractive.

There are around 240 different bird species you can check out here, most of which are seabirds; the birds here even include elegant trogons, magpie jays, and parrots. The reserve has numerous trails that go through the forests, leading to the beautiful Cabo Blanco beach, where you might notice a few seabirds while unwinding on the soft white sands.

Watch Sunset On The Beaches

You can check out the most mesmerizing sunset from your accommodation at Santa Teresa Costa Rica Hotels several times. It is the ideal experience that only needs you to perform heading out to the beach at sunset time. You can sit, stand, and even walk on the beach sand while checking out the astonishing sunset which becomes an experience that will stay with you for a long. Playa Santa Teresa, without any doubt, will offer some of the best sunsets in the town with the endless waves that crash the shore, making the sight astounding. Playa Carmen and Playa Hermosa as the ideal places to watch out for the sunsets in the town.

Take A Day Trip To Tortuga Island

Tortuga Island is the smaller island present on the Nicoya Peninsula, offering one of the core opportunities to go snorkeling in Costa Rica. The Island is often less than an hour from Santa Teresa and you can make the best day trip while you are here in this town. Other than snorkeling those present on this island will unwind themselves on the beach while going swimming or even kayaking across the calm waters. There are numerous astonishing things you can do and see here right from the unique volcanic rock formations to the serene beaches as well as the lush forests. The rich marine life of the island and the wildlife make your experience more enjoyable.

Enjoy A Meal At The Bakery, Santa Teresa

The bakery is one of the iconic places to eat in Santa Teresa. It is a restaurant serving some of the most amazing foods and drinks. It is the ideal place for hanging out and making friends with lots of people who arrive here daily. The menu includes some of the most mouthwatering dishes and baked foods. Coffee, smoothies, and salad are also included on the menu.

Explore the Santa Teresa Nightlife

Santa Teresa has now become a hotspot in Costa Rica, as you can get a decent amount of nightlife here. There is always something taking place almost every night of the week. The easiest way is to find the ideal party place here. You can ask your hotel staff or just take a peek onto the road, where you will find hoards of people walking in one direction, with the chances of landing on the ideal party zone.

Enjoy A Blissful Stay!

So, here we are! We shared a couple of effective tips that will help you go backpacking on your trip to this iconic place, and you can book your stay at one of the iconic Santa Teresa Costa Rica Hotels. At Laloon Luxury Suits, our staff stays dedicated to making every trip of our guests seem like a paradise, being one of the most astonishing experiences. Our sustainable-minded boutique gem is wrapped in green foliage and perched on one side of the prettiest part of Playa Santa Teresa. Here, you can enjoy your stay with your family or friends at one of the stand-alone bungalows that offer the best private indoor-outdoor living, courtesy of the sliding glass doors and the leaf-shrouded patios that feature the hammocks and plunge pools!