Santa Teresa, at the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula in the Pacific Ocean, is the trendiest beach town in Costa Rica. Tourists flock there around the year.

There are numerous things one can try while enjoying the world-class surfing conditions in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. It is the ideal pick for beginners and intermediates alike to explore the cool new-age restaurants and shops while spending time on the perfect beaches and welcoming azure waters.

The Santa Teresa town encompasses over a 10 km stretch of the white sandy coastline, including the smaller communities. Communities across Santa Teresa Beach, Banana Beach, and Playa Carmen are popular spots to stay in a hotel Santa Teresa. It is extremely popular, alluring the livelier, younger, international crowd that serves every traveler the perfect peace they have been in search of.

The best part about staying here in Santa Teresa is the astonishing day trips that you can take. There are several things to discover here, right from the bohemian town of Montezuma, Costa Rica, with their notable Montezuma Waterfalls and the iconic location of Tortuga Island to the underrates Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve and Cabuya Island Cemetry.

Best Things to Do in Santa Teresa

Although staying in a hotel Santa Teresa involves surfing and hanging out on the beach, there are a couple of things you can try out in this iconic spot if you wish to bask under the sun. The things that you can try out here are extremely diverse, right from horseback riding at sunset to astonishing day trips to the Cayabuya Island Cemetry, Montezuma Beach, and Tortuga Island. Here is the complete list of the things that you can do during your stay in one of the hotels in Santa Teresa:

Surfing in Santa Teresa

One of the ideal things to do here is surf. The waves are one of the consistent ones in Costa Rica and are ideal for intermediates and beginners. Several great surfing sports in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, are spread out through the coast, which means that you will not encounter intensely packed lineups and more.

If you are in search of the best surf camps or the lessons offered by Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, you should never look over the Lapoint Costa Rica. You may even locate a couple of Santa Teresa surfing shops offering hourly rental boards around Playa Carment and Playa Santa Teresa at the south end.

Explore Santa Teresa Town

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, is the smallest town that can be effectively explored by bicycle during the afternoon. Initiate from the north end of Playa Santa Teresa and ride south down the main road. You can pass by the surf shops, cafes, restaurants, and trendy stores before arriving in the community of Banana Beach.

As you continue along the south, you can find Playa Carmen on the right through the thicker layer of the jungle and can find more shops and cafes. If you consider walking through the main road, you should remember that there are a few blank areas that need development, mainly between Banana Beach and Santa Teresa Beach along the main road.

Mal Pais Tidal Pools

One of the most distinctive things to do in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, is to visit the Mal Pais Tidal Pools. These natural rock pools fill with water at high tide, making them ideal swimming spots whenever the tide is going back.

You can locate a series of the smaller marine life and spend the ideal time frolicking within the pools. Never be aware of the higher waves spontaneously washing in and staying safer.

To land on the tide pools, you can park your rental car or ATV right at the front of the campground at Playa Mar Azul. From there, you can head right down the beach while walking along the rocks present in your life. You can find the Mal Pais Tidepools around the corner on the peninsula.

Tortuga Island Day Trip

If you are planning a fun day trip from Santa Teresa, you should look at Tortuga Island. It is one of the best recommendations for a hotel in Santa Teresa.

Isla Tortuga is a smaller, uninhabited island boasting an iconic white-sand beach, transparent turquoise waters, and a lush jungle. It is the ideal place to spend your day swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, or exploring.

Montezuma Beach Day Trip

Yet another great day trip from Santa Teresa to their neighboring beach town of Montezuma. It is the bohemian beach town that is located around 40 minutes of drive from Santa Teresa.

It is famous for its Montezuma waterfalls, that is identical to La Fortuna Waterfall with the natural pools and chill backpacker vibe. The beaches in Montezuma are a few of the ideal ones in Costa Rica.

Enjoy Sunset with a Coconut

One of the ideal things to do in Santa Teresa is unwind on the beach with a good book and a refreshing coconut. Santa Teresa is home to some of the most beautiful sunsets in Costa Rica.

Whenever you stay at one of the best backpacker hotels or luxury resorts, ensure to take some time out of your day to enjoy the sunset.

Yoga on the Beach

One of the ideal aspects of practicing yoga in Santa Teresa is that you can do it on the beach. You can buy your yoga mat at the town store or bring one of you to set up a solo practice right on the sand. We recommend you do it at sunrise when the light is soft, and the sun does not heat up, as there are a couple of individuals right on the beach.

Rounding It Up

After you have selected a hotel in Santa Teresa, like Laloon Luxury Suites, time starts to tick off your travel itinerary. Are you unsure about planning your trip? Our entire guide can help you. You can locate the best time to stay here, where you can eat, or how you can get around for more on your trip to Santa Teresa!