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Insider Tips for Choosing a Hotel in Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa, a dreamy destination located off the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica, is famous for its gorgeous beaches, dense tropical jungle, and insane surf vibe. This is thus an important line that determines the quality of your experience in this tropical paradise, be it leisure, adventure, or a romantic holiday. Read the following tips to make your choice of a hotel in Santa Teresa easier and wiser.

Understanding Santa Teresa: A Brief Introduction

So, to start with, it will be useful to know the general idea of Santa Teresa’s appeal to make the best choice of the hotel. Often called such, Santa Teresa is situated in the Nicoya Peninsula and is famous for the combination of which is a relaxed atmosphere and stunning Scenery. They mainly include beautiful sandy beaches, excellent surfing locations, and a variety of different biomes for people who want to enjoy their time both actively and leisurely.

This paper, therefore, seeks to carry out an analysis of Santa Teresa as not just a place to go but as a feel. The attractions include riding the world-famous tube on the Sea Launching, observing wildlife and exotic forests in Asia, and the enchanting sunsets over the Pacific Ocean. There is nothing like this in the world. No matter if it is your first time in Santa Teresa or if you have been here multiple times before, it is surely an exceptionally memorable experience that transports you straight into the arms of nature.

Setting Your Priorities: What Matters Most?

In the case of choosing a hotel accommodation in Santa Teresa, it is always advisable to establish what is most important. Do you want to have direct access to the beach, close to the surfing sites, or deep in the tropical forests? Every one of the particular districts of Santa Teresa has its special atmosphere and peculiarities. A bit more to the south is Mal País, which is much calmer and has remarkable snorkeling conditions. On the other hand and location, Playa Carmen, which is the center of the destinations examined in this paper, contains the atmosphere of a tourist-oriented beach town with actively working cafes, shops, and bars. Choose a location that will be most suitable for your desired experience when making your reservations for a hotel.

Hotel in Santa Teresa

Choosing the Right Location

Santa Teresa is a stretch of coastline, and each part is unique in its atmosphere. Depending on your personality, you are there for different things. Mal Pais is calmer and more isolated than Playa Carmen, which is very active and lively; therefore, the choice of place matters. Think about the availability of eating places, accessibility to public transport, and the closeness to famous tourism highlights, for instance, the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve or Montezuma Waterfall.

Accommodation Options: Resorts vs. Boutique Hotels

In Santa Teresa, you can have from very simple rooms to luxurious villas, depending on your preferences and your pocket. Honeymoon resorts are hotels designed for travelers interested in relaxation and the highest level of comfort through services like private villas, an exquisite menu, and spa treatments. The small hotels are opposite to them in a way that they are individualistic, and they give personal services in small and intimate spaces, enabling them to emulate the local essence and geographical location of the region or natural environment. Eco lodges focus on environmental preservation and offer a close-up experience of the natural fortunate of Costa Rica for environmentally conscious tourists.

Factor in the environment and facilities that different classes of establishments have to offer. Resorts offer numerous amenities like spas, swimming pools, and restaurants, with the accommodation offering intensive facilities and the hotel accommodation offering facilities such as the interior design being exclusive. Eco-tourism lodges focus on nature and environmental conservation, which mostly suits those who are conservation-conscious. It will all get to your desires and needs of luxury or confidentiality as well as your preference for sustainability.

Budget Considerations: Finding Value for Money

It can be noted that there are tourist services for a high-end market and for a low-end market in the context of the Santa Teresa district. Have a clear plan of the amount of money that you are willing to spend right from the beginning, and look for hostels that will help you cut the costs at large. Remember that some hotels offer free services they can provide, like breakfast or equipment for surfing, such as surfboards that can make your stay more enjoyable while working to the price range that you have set for the hotel.

Reading Reviews and Gathering Insights

It’s not a bad idea to do some research on the hotel and read some real experiences of other tourists on such sites as TripAdvisor or It is, therefore, crucial to read the new reviews that depict the most recent experiences of customers at the particular hotel. Search for different terms like cleanliness and hygiene, customer relations, and other experiences that guests have had to say. Recommendations help form an opinion about the experience that is in store for the guest and the possible let-downs.

Considering Eco-Friendly Practices

Modesty: all in all, Costa Rica hardly enjoys that fame for being a party to massive deforestation but rather for being conscious of being one of the leading players in sustainable ecotourism. Sustainability is a common theme in the accommodations of Santa Teresa to decrease carbon footprint, recycle waste, and diminish the usage of plastics. This makes it essential that if environmental responsibility is crucial to you, select hotels that also consider the environment. Not only will they reduce the effects of your carbon footprint, but they also let you enjoy this stunning country while you live in harmony with nature.

Checking Amenities and Services

Check on the services that the hotel in Santa Teresa provides to their guests and compare them with your expectations and needs so that you can have the best experience while in Santa Teresa. It would be best if you began with simple needs like an internet connection and AC. The atmospheric conditions in Costa Rica are hot, and therefore, the client would require comfort. Most hotels also provide free services that add to the guest experience, for instance, complimentary breakfast service with fruits and a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Apart from the basic services, consider other extra services that would suit your tastes and needs in a facility. If, for instance, you are an active person who does not like to be idle, especially during holidays, search for hotels with Gym, rooms that have facilities for yoga, or hotels that have nearby installations for exercise, such as trails for mountain climbing or bike hire. Spa services that include massages, skin treatments, and other health and wellness processes regarding local culture should be available in major hotels used for lodging and recreation.

Other important things to look out for are: Further, we have. Some of the facilities you might find in the various hotels include restaurants that prepare international and local foods and outside dining areas that give a magnificent view of the ocean or the jungle. Select a hotel that caters to your type of eateries if you want simple, beach-side cafes, if you are rheumatism for fine dining services, or even if you want places best suited for couples who would like to dine under the stars.

The prospect of utilizing concierge services creates an important basis for creating a comfortable and issue-free vacation. It’s also good to hire and engage experienced concierge staff to help in arranging tours and activities such as tours to Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve, beach horseback riding, and surfing with the local trainers. They also offer recommendations of good places and interesting events that are not mentioned in the common guidebooks and good moments to visit popular attractions to make the best of the Santa Teresa visiting time.

Location is important if you are going to get around the area in which the service is located on your own. Shuttle services or car rentals are available in some hotels, so it is easy to go to nearby places like Montezuma or rent a car and tour around the peninsula, which offers different terrains. Concerning movements from one point to the other, make inquiries about transport and parking to avoid any inconveniences, especially about your hotel.

Hotel in Santa Teresa

Exploring Dining Options Nearby

Some of the hotels in Santa Teresa have food service on the premises, although going out to other restaurants and cafes is also part of the fun of traveling. The food that the Costa Ricans produce and eat is known to be fresh and spicy, with a lot of consideration given to fruits and fish. Think about places that are close to restaurants that one can walk to or hotels that have famous chefs presenting or serving endemic dishes from Costa Rica. This makes it possible to get to taste the real taste of foods and feel the culture of the particular locality’s eating institutions.

Booking Flexibility and Policies

Since traveling is so uncertain, especially to tropical locations, flexible closings are a top priority during the selection of a hotel in Santa Teresa. Focus on options that can be canceled free of charge up to this date or can be changed easily for the trip. Flexibility gives you confidence when your plans have to be changed due to some issues like a change of dates. It is important to find out about the accommodation’s deposit, cancellation and any alteration costs to be faced later.

Explore Santa Teresa’s Beauty

Thus, travel to Santa Teresa with the hope of seeing its beauty and selecting a hotel that will suit you, especially when choosing through us at Laloon Luxury Suites as the best hotel in Santa Teresa. Determined by the client’s preference, the destinations of Santa Teresa present delicious options in lavish comfort, environmental responsibility, and charming personal space. Start your fabulous journey now and create the most wonderful moments of your life in this warm climate.

Santa Teresa Costa Rica hotels

Rejuvenating Activities to Do in Your Stay at Santa Teresa Costa Rica Hotels

Santa Teresa is one of the main destinations people are often heading out to while visiting Costa Rica. It is mainly due to the plentiful of amazing experiences one would experience here. The town has in store everything required to have a perfect vacation, right from its mesmerizing hotels to the beaches to nature reserves, bars, and restaurants where one would opt for hiking and checking out the wildlife. It is the ideal place where you can unwind yourself surfing right here in Costa Rica. First-time travelers visiting the town can choose to stay in one of the best Santa Teresa Costa Rica hotels to try out the most unforgettable activities here.

What to Do in Santa Teresa

Let us now check out the best things that you can try out here in Santa Teresa.

Go Surfing at the Beach

Surfing is considered one of the most popular activities in Santa Teresa, as there are numerous beaches where you can enjoy this activity while enjoying your stay in the town. Surfing here is the ideal option, as there is a spot for different levels of surfers, right from beginners to experts. The waves would often remain consistent all year round as you can get better in your visit between March and April.

There are numerous camps and surfing schools around lined up right at some of the ideal surfing beaches in this down even those who are visiting the town as a newbie surfer who can learn and enjoy their activities. The ideal beaches to surf in Santa Teresa as Playa Carmen, Playa Santa Teresa, and Playa Hermosa.

Horseback Riding Along the Beach

Horseback Riding on the beach forms a prominent activity in Santa Teresa. It renders the most distinctive experience and the ideal way to check out the real scenery of the town. The horseback riding tours in Santa Teresa take place even in the sunset making your experience truly serene and amazingly scenic. There are numerous horseback riding tours made available in Santa Teresa that offer this key experience that would last about a couple of hours or more.

Take a Surf Lesson

If you don’t have the training to surf, then you need not worry, as at the best Santa Teresa Costa Rica Hotels, we have loads in store! Learn how to surf in warm water and Santa Teresa is the ideal spot to learn surfing. The currents here are quite strong, so if you are a beginner, then you should book your surfing lesson. Your private instructor will offer you everything that you require, teach you on days to pop up, paddling out, the rules behind the lineup, and more. The lesson arrives with some of the best captures with GoPro Photos, which is the sweetest. Take A Day Trip To Montezuma

Montezuma is the most beautiful and touristy town close to Santa Teresa. The town offers ample astonishing experiences, which is why it is worth a day trip. The town is less than an hour’s drive from Santa Teresa, which is endowed with scenic beaches, numerous natural attractions, and top-notch restaurants. You can also check out the wildlife and enjoy walking in the beautiful forest areas.

Explore The Town Of Santa Teresa

Visitors to Santa Teresa would often spend all of their time on the beaches, thereby missing out on the exciting experience you can enjoy right here in the town. When you are vacationing here, you should always take some time and walk up the streets of the town to see some of the best chains of cafes, restaurants, tourist attractions, and luxurious hotels you can find here. It is the ideal way to spend the best time away from the beaches to derive the best experience. Although you can walk down the streets, you can also rent a bike from a shop, making your experience less stressful and faster.

Go Beach Hopping In The Town

Beaches form one of the highly prominent attractions in Santa Teresa, and visiting this place individually is worth the while vacationing here. Santa Teresa beaches to check out are as follows:

  • Playa Santa Teresa: It is the most prominent beach right here. The surrounding trees and soft sand often characterize it, and it is the ideal place to swim and surf.
  • Playa Carmen: The beach is surrounded by towering forest-covered hills that feature crashing waves as the best to go year-round surfing. The beach is closer to the restaurants and the shops, and the sunsets here are astounding.
  • Playa Hermosa: The beach is characterized by the surrounding forests and soft sands. It features calmer waves, which are best for beginners in surfing and swimming.

Take A Trip To Montezuma Waterfalls

Montezuma waterfalls are the prominent attractions right here in Costa Rica that individuals love visiting to enjoy a bit of natural scenic beauty and unwind. The waterfall mainly cascades out of the three falls that are located right about forty minutes from Santa Teresa, and visiting is the ideal thing to do here if you need something more than sand and surf. The road trip to this waterfall is the initial thing you can enjoy while visiting here, as you can get all excited here. Travelers need to travel to the riverbed trails and walk up the trail till they head out to the falls to get to Montezuma Waterfalls. These waterfalls feature a pool, and swimming is allowed here other than offering the astounding natural scenery.

Go Bird Watching At Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve

Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve is a naturally attractive area in the Nicoya Peninsula, close to Santa Teresa. The reserve covers an area of about 1270 hectares and contains numerous trees, bird species, marine life, and some of Costa Rica’s most interesting wildlife species. Although one would visit for the plant life, it also offers amazing activities like bird watching, which makes the preserve highly attractive.

There are around 240 different bird species you can check out here, most of which are seabirds; the birds here even include elegant trogons, magpie jays, and parrots. The reserve has numerous trails that go through the forests, leading to the beautiful Cabo Blanco beach, where you might notice a few seabirds while unwinding on the soft white sands.

Watch Sunset On The Beaches

You can check out the most mesmerizing sunset from your accommodation at Santa Teresa Costa Rica Hotels several times. It is the ideal experience that only needs you to perform heading out to the beach at sunset time. You can sit, stand, and even walk on the beach sand while checking out the astonishing sunset which becomes an experience that will stay with you for a long. Playa Santa Teresa, without any doubt, will offer some of the best sunsets in the town with the endless waves that crash the shore, making the sight astounding. Playa Carmen and Playa Hermosa as the ideal places to watch out for the sunsets in the town.

Take A Day Trip To Tortuga Island

Tortuga Island is the smaller island present on the Nicoya Peninsula, offering one of the core opportunities to go snorkeling in Costa Rica. The Island is often less than an hour from Santa Teresa and you can make the best day trip while you are here in this town. Other than snorkeling those present on this island will unwind themselves on the beach while going swimming or even kayaking across the calm waters. There are numerous astonishing things you can do and see here right from the unique volcanic rock formations to the serene beaches as well as the lush forests. The rich marine life of the island and the wildlife make your experience more enjoyable.

Enjoy A Meal At The Bakery, Santa Teresa

The bakery is one of the iconic places to eat in Santa Teresa. It is a restaurant serving some of the most amazing foods and drinks. It is the ideal place for hanging out and making friends with lots of people who arrive here daily. The menu includes some of the most mouthwatering dishes and baked foods. Coffee, smoothies, and salad are also included on the menu.

Explore the Santa Teresa Nightlife

Santa Teresa has now become a hotspot in Costa Rica, as you can get a decent amount of nightlife here. There is always something taking place almost every night of the week. The easiest way is to find the ideal party place here. You can ask your hotel staff or just take a peek onto the road, where you will find hoards of people walking in one direction, with the chances of landing on the ideal party zone.

Enjoy A Blissful Stay!

So, here we are! We shared a couple of effective tips that will help you go backpacking on your trip to this iconic place, and you can book your stay at one of the iconic Santa Teresa Costa Rica Hotels. At Laloon Luxury Suits, our staff stays dedicated to making every trip of our guests seem like a paradise, being one of the most astonishing experiences. Our sustainable-minded boutique gem is wrapped in green foliage and perched on one side of the prettiest part of Playa Santa Teresa. Here, you can enjoy your stay with your family or friends at one of the stand-alone bungalows that offer the best private indoor-outdoor living, courtesy of the sliding glass doors and the leaf-shrouded patios that feature the hammocks and plunge pools!

Hotel Santa Teresa

Why Choosing the Hotel Santa Teresa Will Transform Your Vacation

Tucked away on the southern coast of the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica, Santa Teresa is a dreamy boutique destination that tourists have fallen for. Being famous for its beautiful sandy beaches, subequatorial forest, and the warm hospitality of the local population, Santa Teresa is the perfect combination of relaxation and the exotic. When it comes to deciding which hotel to book when planning your vacation to this beautiful region – you will have to think carefully. Choosing the best hotel Santa Teresa may well be the most influential factor in guaranteeing that your vacation is enjoyable, comfortable, and fulfilling.

Unparalleled Comfort and Luxury

Lodging accommodations that are considered to be some of the best that can be found in Santa Teresa are some of the finest for their guests. These facilities provide clean and comfortable guestrooms with high standards of furniture and bedding, including good air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and LED TVs. Most of the higher-end accommodations also come with a private balcony or a porch that overlooks the ocean coast or the jungle, where you can relax in luxury.

Many lavish lodgings offer other services, such as in-room massage, cleaning services, round-the-clock room service, and many others, to ensure that their guests’ needs are met as required and in a professional manner. The hotels are well maintained and possess high standards, hence guaranteeing a comfortable stay.

Exceptional Dining Experiences

Food is used as a tool for classifying some of the best hotels in the region, especially in Santa Teresa. They normally include quality restaurants where clients are served exotic foods, typical of Costa Rica and others originating from other parts of the world. Most of the meals served by the chefs are derived from local and organic produce to prepare delicious meals that accommodate required diets.

In addition, food and beverage services are also part of the specialization; they include dinners on the beach, cooking classes, and wine tasting, among others. Not only can you taste good foods, but you can also gain something more than wonderful tastings related to the local culture and foods.

Prime Location and Accessibility

Another factor that allows considering the best hotel in Santa Teresa as the right place to stay there is its location. These hotels are usually located in highly desirable locations close to popular points of interest, from soft sandy beaches to excellent sites for surfing or close to natural reserves. This is especially advantageous since it’s possible to spend most of your time doing what you enjoy instead of spending a lot of time commuting to various attractions.

In addition, he was able to find well-facilitated accommodation close to key related services, including transport, tour companies, and equipment renting. They can organize anything from transportation from and to the airport to the provision of guided tours, making the journey as comfortable as possible.

Personalized Service and Attention to Detail

Here is the list of the great and most important differences between the hotels in Santa Teresa: The level of individual attention during the hospitality at the best hotels in Santa Teresa is striking. The employees at such outlets and accommodation agencies are trained to be alert to your needs and ensure they offer you better services that will make your stay memorable. This may be in planning for a special occasion, making a reservation for a last booking tour, or even just in refreshing the memory of your favorite beverage, the services will make you feel valued and wanted by the crew.

Also, most of the lodgings are staffed by professional and polite personnel who can give useful recommendations about the area. Their opinion can make you aware of some extraordinary places that are unknown to you or may provide some useful tips for your stay in Santa Teresa.

Unique Amenities and Activities

Even though all hotels in Santa Teresa provide comfortable accommodations and delicious meals, the finest hotels deserve more than that and are equipped with individual services that reflect various hobbies. Having fitness centers, spas, saunas, steam rooms, tennis courses, kid’s clubs, infinity pools, personal beach, yoga, and meditation halls, these hotels contain amenities that measure the size of their guests’ recreational needs.

There is much for an adventure-loving couple to do around the hotel as they can access surfing lessons, horse riding, zip lining as well as jungle tours. These are some of the experiences I had when in Santa Teresa – this way, you can make the most of the services offered – and have your hotel arrange everything for you.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Practices

People are attracted to Santa Teresa by its stunning nature, and the best hotels in the region follow and practice sustainability and environmental friendliness. A number of procedures, for example, aim to employ renewable energy, minimize waste, and support conservation on the hotels’ sites. If you select an “eco-friendly” hotel, then you at least spare Santa Teresa’s beautiful landscapes and boost the local economy.

This hotel also provides environmental awareness sessions/activities for guests that may be of interest to students. Beach cleanups, wildlife and nature reserve programs, and sustainability-practicing agricultural tours offer educational experiences to show guests the role of the area’s ecology.

Cross-Cultural Exposure and Social Responsibility

Having free time to stay at the best hotel in Santa Teresa also opens doors for touring and recipients’ involvement in cultural activities. They sometimes source products from local traders, singers, and artists * and allow tourists to enjoy the traditional dances and music of the region. They may watch and listen to dances and music, be exposed to artwork, and/ or learn about different handling techniques in arts and crafts to better understand the local culture.

Also, it was identified that many chief hotels sponsor local community support schemes and tell their visitors about volunteering opportunities. Such relations facilitate your ability to contribute to the welfare of society and meet the people in an effective and impactful manner.

Health and Wellness Programs

Regarding this issue, it is also crucial to underline that health and wellness are the priorities of the best hotels in Santa Teresa. Spa and fitness amenities are also provided to the guests, which consist of spa treatments, yoga and meditation sessions, as well as gym facilities. It is in this calm environment of Santa Teresa that you can do all these activities under both your body and soul heal.

These wellness programs tend to use approaches that aspect of medicine that originated in China and are based on the belief that there are channels through which natural energy flows, which includes locally available natural resources. For instance, one could witness a meditation dance from the people of Costa Rica or treat your skin to an organic massage oil that is produced in Costa Rica. The wellness offerings make sure you have the feeling of that fresh and rejuvenated personality when you leave Santa Teresa.

Safety and Security

Security comes first of all during the journey. Therefore, Santa Teresa’s best hotels maintain their clients’ security. These hotels adhere to high-security measures, such as personal security for guarding all around the clock, installation of security cameras, and management of keys to minimize access. Another thing they maintain is free from germs and bacteria; in other words, they are always clean to accommodate their clients.

If a health complication or accident occurs, the better hotels have qualified personnel and facilities available to ensure that clients access medical facilities without delay. Another example is ICOS Travel Limited’s commitment to safety and security, which allows you to immerse yourself in your vacation fully.

Memorable and Personalized Experiences

Last but not least, the best hotels in Santa Teresa offer engaging impulses and personal signatures, which creates a lasting picture. This can be in terms of the warm welcome that every traveler is accorded as soon as they book for the trip to when the traveler leaves, the hotel facilities make every traveler feel and appreciate the value that they have been accorded. There is a focused effort to surprise the guests if it is a celebratory event or activity or if a guest is leaving, and the details are what make the experience unforgettable.


Selecting the best hotel when you are on vacation in Santa Teresa is a decision that can improve your trip. Unrivaled comfort and luxury, gourmet dining, superb location, bespoke services, exclusivity and diversity, environmental and community conservation, heritage and tradition, health and wellness, security, and hygiene all make it an exciting and educational holiday.

Therefore, when choices of hotels are numerous and selecting the one that best fits the client’s needs can be challenging, by choosing the right hotel, your time in Santa Teresa is not only conducting and comfortable but life-changing as well. Whether you come to get a tan and do nothing, to explore the country’s culture, or to rejuvenate your body and mind at a wellness resort, the best hotel Santa Teresa will give you a comfortable bed to sleep in before you set out on a new adventure in this slice of tropical heaven.

Santa Teresa Costa Rica Hotels

Experience The Tranquil Stay At Santa Teresa Costa Rica Hotels

Far across the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, you will come across Costa Rica. Right away from the city lights and airports, you will find Santa Teresa. Although this wilderness-backed beach town lies remote, it is anything but a dull one. The shared workplaces, hip restaurants, and the growing population of young expats make it feel like the next big happening. Santa Teresa is the place you need to be in. It has remarkable white sandy beaches, alluring thousands of travelers all year round. You can walk as well as run through the beaches. The place houses some of the most amazing restaurants, modern-day amenities, and the best of Santa Teresa Costa Rica hotels.

There are numerous things one can try out in this beach town. You can enjoy yoga, a soothing massage, and long sunset walks across the beaches.

Best Things to Do in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Santa Teresa is the place where you would often lose the accountability of time and do things a bit slower. Although it is not located on the island, however, on the peninsula, you would feel the real island vibes. Other than taking the surfing lessons and sunbathing on the beaches, here will help you explore the entire National Park with the waterfall closer to Santa Teresa.

Surf the Waves at Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is the most prominent destination, especially for surging. There are numerous surfing schools that you will find here, making it the perfect spot for taking up surfing lessons. The consistent waves all year round will help you surf here. But remember that during the rainy seasons, the waves become choppier. The two heaviest rainy months are September and October. You would often sure anywhere along the coast here, but you will love the spots that lie close to the Santa Teresa Costa Rica Hotels. Here are a few attractive spots!

Playa Santa Teresa

Playa Santa Teresa and Playa Carmen are the two core beaches in Santa Teresa as they come in contact with one another. So which is the main beach? It mainly relies on wherever you are accommodating. Those staying closer to Playa Carmen would consider this as the main beach. Identically, those staying near Playa Santa Teresa. Both of them have numerous cafes and bars supporting the requirement for a drink or bit to each. Playa Santa Teresa is a massive beach that is ideal for sunbathing. The beach has an astonishing jungle backdrop with a great spot for the famous sunsets. 

Playa Carmen

Playa Carmen is a short walk from the main bustle of this southern end of the town, which is perfect for catching the stunning sunset of Santa Teresa. It is the core location that will gather some crowds; however, the wide beach has an astonishing jungle palm backdrop. Playa Carmen has good currents and decent waves that make the best for gathering the entire experience for the surfers.

Playa Hermosa

The meaningful, beautiful beach forms Playa Hermosa at Santa Teresa, which has attained the great crown. The palm-fringed backdrop with the less people will make you feel as if to have escaped the masses. It would be best if you had not amble with the touch-down north of Santa Teresa beach, with around 15 minutes to get there. It is the best spot for beginners in surfing due to the beach breaks, weaker rip tides, lack of rocks, and cushiony sand. Here, you can gather more organized instructors and lessons.

Playa Manzanillo

There is around 20 to 30 mins from Santa Teresa, about 8km north, where you will find Playa Manzanillo. Several individuals would only bother to head out this far if there were way too many beautiful beaches on the doorstep of Santa Teresa. But, if you are beach bumping, determined to hit across every stretch of the sand, or need more solitude, Playa Manzanillo, add to your list. You can take an ATV to get here.

Hike Through Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve

Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve is the ideal part, sitting at the southern edge of the Nicoya Peninsula. Here in this tropical rainforest lives several varied species of wildlife, so when you are searching for an active day trip from Santa Teresa, you can check out Cabo Blanco to explore these trails. The reserve normally has two trails with one core trail with Sueco Trail leading to the beach where you can effectively cool off in this ocean since the hike. Visiting this reserve forms the ideal activity if you are in search of an off-the-beat track here.

Take a Yoga Class

So, you love doing yoga? Staying at the best Santa Teresa Costa Rica Hotels can give you the best of this beach town. The setting is perfect for yoga. Santa Teresa has numerous yoga retreats offering the best yoga classes across different skill levels. Try envisioning practicing yoga out in the open-air yoga place, which is surrounded by the exotic jungles of Costa Rica. There are numerous options made available; however, the ideal one is offered daily with the help of numerous teachers.

Take a Day Trip to Tortuga Island

There are always things that are special about Tortuga Island, which is right off the east coast of the Nicoya Peninsula. It is the purest white sand with the sparkling clear sea. It offers the ideal relief to be able to swim and unwind yourself in the calm water. The water here is completely clear, with Tortuga Island ideal for snorkeling. You need not have to stress about sitting on the beach or wish to stretch your legs, as you will find several hiking trails here. You can even spot some wild pigs here. The ideal thing to do here is to book a day trip whenever you are arriving in Santa Teresa. Here, you can find numerous places for selling day trips, including lunch and snorkeling.

Shop and Dine in Santa Teresa Village

Santa Teresa is one of the lengthiest stripes on the road, which is at the best location right on the beach. It is never the prettiest one. But, for the majority of the businesses that have popped up makes it easier to get stuck in this place. For sure, being here, you would often expect a few award-winning coffee right in the cafes, as there are surfing and yoga shops that would feed the fanatics of both types of sports.

Day trip to Montezuma Town

The cutest little town of Montezuma was an original upscale resort town on the Nicoya Peninsula, making it perfect for a day trip from Santa Teresa if you wish to explore a bit further into the field. On a single day, you can visit the waterfall here, even the beach, while you wander around the smaller restaurants and cafes. It would take around 30 minutes to get to Montezuma from Santa Teresa.

Cool off at Montezuma Waterfall

Montezuma Waterfall is mainly located near Montezuma town, which is around a 30-minute drive from Santa Teresa. It is the collection of three waterfalls often ideal for little endeavors, including swimming, hiking, and exploring the nearby nature here. The top waterfall among the three is the Montezuma Waterfalls, which is around 24 meters tall. The waterfall is the seamless access you can follow onto the riverbed trail. To visit these upper falls, you need to hike up some steep stairs. These two waterfalls are just 5 and 12 meters in height and are less pretty than the first and the lowest waterfall.

Go Sea Kayaking

You will find nothing better than staying closer to nature than going kayaking. It is one of the ideal things to do here. The best thing here is the Gulf of Nicoya, which is an amazing place to go kayaking. The majority of it is sheltered from the wind, with the near-shore islands making it easier to paddle with varied fish, bird, and animal life.

Watch the Sunset at Santa Teresa Beach

If you are heading out here in Santa Teresa, then you can spend your time right at the beach. Playa Santa Teresa is the most beautiful beach, often lined with palm trees with surfers who hit the waves right from the morning till the sunset. During the afternoons, it appears as if the entire town is coming out to the beach, watching the sunset while gathering together with a coconut or beer. The sunsets here are one of the ideal things to do here.

Beach Bonfires

Santa Teresa is nothing more than a party town. There are numerous things that you can get started here with a can of beer. Along with sunset cocktails and happy hours right at the local beach bars in the town, Santa Teresa has the best beach bonfire culture. You can bring your beer while huddling around the bonfire while making some great friends.

Relax In This Coastal Town!

While you are enjoying your stay at the Santa Teresa Costa Rica Hotels, the place offers some of the finest beaches and an entire range of things that you can try out here. At Laloon Luxury Suites, we offer to make your stay more memorable with the finest amenities and varied forms of adventures. So, wait no more and book your stay now!

hotel in Santa Teresa

Enjoy Your Vacation In A Stay At The Luxury Hotel in Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa has become the exquisite upcoming hip-surf town across the Nicoya Peninsula along the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. It is a laid-back beach town that has attained quite fame due to the iconic waves, wild beaches, and dynamic yoga scene. Irrespective of Santa Teresa turning out to be one of the prominent beach towns in Costa Rica among the digital nomads, surf and yoga lovers feel untouched. The luxury hotel in Santa Teresa is the perfect place to spend your holiday, with its scenic white sandy beaches, great cafes and restaurants, colorful sunsets, and more.

In our post today, you can find everything you need to know about the ideal things to do in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica!

Best Things to Do in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Other than undertaking the surfing lessons, sunbathing on the beaches in Santa Teresa can help you explore the National Park as well as the waterfall closer to Santa Teresa.

Surf the Waves

Santa Teresa is the most prominent location in Costa Rica dedicated to. With the greater amount of surf schools, it is the perfect spot for surfing lessons. The consistent waves throughout the year help you surf here at any time of the year. But remember that it is during the rainy season when the waves become choppier. The two heaviest rainy months are September and October. Fundamentally, while enjoying your stay in a hotel in Santa Teresa, there are a couple of best spots for the surfers.

Playa Santa Teresa

It is one of the most iconic surfing spots due to the ease of access to the town. It is through a couple of sandy paths, where it branches off the main road, that you will enter the beach. It is often seamless to check out the other surfers in the ocean, spotting the ideal surfing spot.

Playa Hermosa

With just a 10-minute drive right out of the town of Santa Teresa, you can find Playa Hermosa, which is the perfect surfing spot for those in search of something more tranquil than Santa Teresa. Here, you can land on consistent waves with the sandy break, which is the core part of the surfing lessons offered at Playa Hermosa.

Playa Carmen

The other iconic spot to surf in Santa Teresa is along the shoreline of Playa Carmen. Being located across the southern end of Santa Teresa, Playa Carmen often stretches to about 1.5 km, starting at Banana Beach. It is almost 10 to 15 minutes of walking from the center of Santa Teresa. Playa Carmen is the ideal spot to sip sunset drinks at the best beach bars.

Playa Mal Pais

It is considered one of the best beaches in Santa Teresa to surf. Playa Malpais is often calmer and less developed than the beaches closer to the town of Santa Teresa, and you can feel completely laid-back. It is the ideal way to escape the busiest waves near the town while experiencing the best of surfing. 

Hike through Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve

You can even check out the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve while enjoying your stay at a hotel in Santa Teresa, which is an iconic park sitting at the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. In this tropical rainforest, you will come across a variety of species of wildlife, if you are in search of an active day trip from your hotel in Santa Teresa while heading out to Cabo Blanco to explore the trails. The reserve comes with two trails, with one main trail, the Sueco Trail, leading to the beach, where you can effectively cool off in the ocean right after the hike. Visit Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve, the ideal activity while searching for an off-beaten path destination.

Take a Day Trip to Tortuga Island

Tortuga Island is often located at the eastern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, which is about an hour and a half away by boat. Isla Tortuga is the perfect location for a day trip. You can explore its iconic white sandy beaches that are lined with palm trees and its iconic turquoise clear waters. Turtle Island is the ideal place to snorkel and go scuba diving. However, if you are not into water activities, you can hike while taking a canopy tour, where you can unwind at the beaches.

Cool Off at Montezuma Waterfall

It is the waterfall that is located near the town of Montezuma and is about a 30-minute drive from Santa Teresa. It is a collection of about three waterfalls, which is ideal for a bit of endeavor, including swimming, hiking, and exploring the nearby nature of Santa Teresa. The best waterfall of the three Montezuma, which is about 24 meters tall. It is the waterfall which is the seamless access as you can follow the riverbed trail. Visiting the upper falls will help you hike a few steep stairs. Both waterfalls are about 5 to 12 meters in height and are not the best ones for the first and the lowest waterfalls.

Go Sea Kayaking

There is nothing better than heading closer to nature instead of kayaking. It comes without any doubt, as there are a couple of ideal things to do here. The best thing about the Gulf of Nicoya is the most astonishing place for kayaking. It is often sheltered through the wind by the near-shore island, which is easily paddled with varied species of fish, birds, and animal life. 

Watch the Sunset at Santa Teresa Beach

Whenever you arrive at Santa Teresa, spending the best time at the beach is compulsory. Playa Santa Teresa is the most iconic beach that is lined with palm trees and surfers who hit the waves from early morning until sunset. During the afternoons, it almost appears that the entire town arrives at the beach to watch the sunset and gathers together with coconut or beer. The sunsets in Santa Teresa are one of the best, as we have noted in Costa Rica.

Book Your Stay at Laloon Luxury Suites Today!

It is time to experience real comfort and luxury while enjoying your stay in our hotel in Santa Teresa, Laloon Luxury Suites. Located in the middle of astonishing natural beauty, we offer the best accommodations, astounding services, and top-class amenities. Our exclusive luxury suites form the ideal retreat whenever you are in search of relaxation or adventure!

Costa Rica boutique hotel

Unveiling the Magic of a Costa Rica Boutique Hotel

Emerald green jungles, coastlines of turquoise waters, and the wild spirit of Costa Rica all beckon. Nonetheless, a standard resort experience will not do for the discerning traveler. Want to make memories with your destination, and have a touch of luxury that is personal and an interesting story? There is no better place than Costa Rica boutique hotels.

The magic is embodied here at Laloon Luxury Suites. We aren’t just another hotel; we are a hidden sanctuary right in the heart of Santa Teresa where people go to look for an experience that they will never forget about their time in Costa Rica.

Why Choose a Boutique Hotel Beyond the Standard Resort?

Though mass tourism has its place, when it comes to really transformative experiences there are many advantages associated with staying at a boutique hotel.

Uniqueness and Character

Every boutique hotel is like one unique jewel having its personality and history behind it. In contrast to huge resorts that all look alike, Laloon captures the essence of Santa Teresa. Imagine waking up every morning to the sounds of a jungle symphony and rhythmical ocean tides as a constant reminder you are somewhere different from anywhere else on Earth.

Ambivalent Atmosphere

In boutique hotels, service is given to patrons in a personal way and they try to make the guests feel like part of a family. Crowding people and having cold encounters is over. This place will make you feel special rather than just another number. Our loyal workers are at your disposal 24/7 to ensure that your stay is smooth and unforgettable.


Boutique hotels frequently boast prime positions that create an authentic experience for their customers. Laloon is located on the side of a hill; thus giving you an extensive view of the ocean all around with seclusion but also within minutes from world-famous surfing areas and cute cafes.

Luxury Redefined

Luxury at a boutique hotel isn’t about opulent displays, it’s about delicate flourishes and careful attention to detail. At Laloon we have positioned ourselves as an oasis of comfort and style. Our luxurious suites feature plush king-sized beds with top-quality amenities for your relaxation needs. Picture yourself lying back on a private deck with vistas stretching as far as the Pacific Ocean while its golden orb disappears beneath the horizon turning fiery orange skies ablaze.

A Gateway to Adventure

Boutique establishments are often well-versed in the city’s happenings. Laloon is perfectly situated for exploration. If you are an experienced surfer wanting heart-pounding waves or someone who loves nature and yearns for untouched rainforests with secret waterfalls, we can link you up with THE best experiences Santa Teresa has to offer.

Beyond the Suite: Unveiling the Laloon Experience

Laloon is more than a hotel; it’s a springboard to unforgettable memories. Here’s a sneak preview of what is in store for you.

  • Unwind in Paradise: Our pool appears to expand into infinity from your standpoint because it is located among palm trees. Perfect for sunbathing with magnificent views over the ocean. You may even find yourself drifting off into dreamland amidst the beauty of Costa Rica’s landscapes while listening to waves and taking a quick swim after spending some time exploring around
  • Reconnect with nature: Laloon has a lot of life forms that are luxuriant. The trees are full of howler monkeys and the exotic birds sing sweetly to you as you walk. Feast your eyes on the sight of the rainbow-colored natural world, so vibrant and diverse from the noise on our streets every day. 
  • Experience local taste: Take pleasure in all kinds of meals made out of fresh local foods. When you wake up early in the morning on your own balcony, wouldn’t it be great to start your day with a yummy breakfast?

Unforgettable Experiences: From private surf lessons to guided hikes in the rainforest, we offer our guests everything they need in order to experience an unforgettable Costa Rican adventure. You will be able to be taught by one local surf instructor (who is a specialist) how to swim when in the ocean conquer waves, or discover waterfalls hiding behind green plants that grow on walls.

Laloon: More Than Just a Hotel, a Costa Rican Sanctuary

Laloon Luxury Suites is more than just a place to stay; it’s a sensation. It’s the ambiance of being pampered with extravagant comfort while enjoying amazing sceneries of nature. It makes one feel like they belong to a society where the highest quality services are provided under a truly friendly president. 

Would you like to trade the exceptional one by making your reservations at Laloon Luxury Suites and enjoy an exquisite Costa Rica boutique hotel experience? We’re eagerly looking forward to hosting you on our shores


Santa Teresa Costa Rica Hotels

Plan A Memorable Stay At Santa Teresa Costa Rica Hotels

The Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica is prominent for sun, partying, and surfing. If you wish to avoid the beaches of Tamarindo packed by Gringo, head south to the Santa Teresa, Costa Rica town. Here you can find the beaches that are extremely beautiful with less crowds. The beautiful sunsets and the laid-back atmosphere will make you fall in love with this smaller corner of Costa Rica.

During your stay in one of the best Santa Teresa Costa Rica Hotels, you can do numerous things, and we will break down everything you need to know while planning this trip.

Cool Things to Try Out Here

Although the town of Santa Teresa is small, it is the best base for exploring the southern Nicoya Peninsula. The following are the ideal things that you can try out here when you stay in our luxury suite.

Unwinding At Banana Beach Bar

When you plan to enjoy smoothies, cocktails, a lively atmosphere, great food, and reggae music, you should sit right at Banana Beach Bar. It is just like a laid-back bar on the beach among the palm trees. It is ideal for watching the enchanting sunset right at the end of the afternoon with your feet soaked under the sand.

Surfing Of Taking Surfing Lessons

Santa Teresa is one of the ideal places to surf in Costa Rica. It is during the rainy season, happening between May and November; the waves are huge and well-suited for experienced surfers. It is during the dry season between December and April when the waves are less intense, making them ideal for beginner and intermediate surfers. Playa Hermosa renders the iconic waves for beginners as there are surfing instructors present. When you stay at one of the best Santa Teresa Costa Rica hotels, Playa is the ideal spot to surf.

Horseback Riding in Santa Teresa

Horseback riding forms one of the highly enjoyable activities to try out here during your stay. You can book your tour, taking you through horseback riding through the expansive Manzanillo Beach through the entire countryside across the rivers. It is mainly memorable to head out for horseback riding during sunset or sunrise. The tides are often considered as the beach is wide to gallop through the store. 

Yoga in Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is an iconic destination for finding better peace in your travels, and yoga is a famous activity there. Yoga classes are offered on the yoga deck as well as on the beach. However, a beach yoga class around the entire sunset is less comfortable due to the crowd. You can opt for the yoga classes at Santa Teresa, as they have the most beautiful panoramic yoga deck with an alluring ocean view.

Walk To Cemetary Island At Low Tide

Take a 25-minute drive right out of Montezuma, a smaller island, unlike any place you have visited earlier on. The Cabuya island forms a smaller plot of land that is surrounded by water forming a cemetery. You can take a stroll out to the island through the sliver of rocky land peeking right out of the water when the tide is low. Walk through the white arch present on the smaller path leading to the entire grave collection. Although it may appear a bit creepy, however, it is not. It is an extremely interesting and peaceful place to visit whenever you have the right time. 

Shopping at Charming Boutique Stores

Santa Teresa is no longer a paradise for shoppers; however, there are a couple of elegant boutique stores spread throughout. You can locate unique pieces of jewelry, beautiful interior accessories, and general surf clothing. Several of the shops are located near Playa Carmen; however, there are a couple of trendy shops along the road from Playa Carmen to Playa Santa Teresa.

Parties and Enjoying Live Music in Santa Teresa

You can find entertainment in Santa Teresa every evening. You will also find live music at Kika on Thursday nights and at Banana Beach Bar, which hosts several parties during the weekends. It is ideal to ask your hotel or inquire with the locals to find out what is happening, with the events varying from one season to the other.

Take a Dip in the Mal Pais Tide Pools

At times, nature will create the most scenic landscapes. The Mal Pais Tide Pools are the natural pools filled with seawater during the high tide offering you an iconic spot soaking during the low rides. These pools are crystal clear and warm up instantly under the sun. Also, find out about the timing of the high and the low tides. You can locate these pools right near the smaller fishing village of Mal Pais a couple of miles from Santa Teresa.

Take a Trip to Montezuma

If you aim to explore the greater parts of the Nicoya Peninsula, consider taking your trip to Montezuma. It is a smaller village across the southern part of the peninsula with a calming atmosphere. It is about a 40-minute drive by rental car or an hour by bus from Santa Teresa. You can even visit Montezuma as a day trip or opt to stay there for a couple of days.

Party on the beach

Although Santa Teresa is often lacking in nightclubs, you can locate several new scopes for an extensive laid-back style of nightlife on the beach. Head out to the beach right after the sunset, and you can find things here. There are parties, beach bonfires, and events taking place weekly at La Lora Amarilla, Rancho Itauna, and Banana Beach.

Visit Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve

Cabo Blanco was generally named as the first Nature Reserve in Costa Rica in 1963, located right at the southern tip of the Nicoya peninsula. It is the iconic spot to get away from the crowds and get up closer and personal with nature. The trails here are rustic; however, it is part of the charm of the reserve.

Planning A Trip To Costa Rica?

Laloon Luxury Suites is one of the best Santa Teresa Costa Rica Hotels for an idyllic getaway or a romantic holiday. It is located among scenic settings across the beautiful mountain. Enjoy the most iconic view in Santa Teresa while indulging in the different luxury amenities that will make your stay unforgettable.

Hotel Santa Teresa

Escape to Paradise: Discover Hotel Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa, at the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula in the Pacific Ocean, is the trendiest beach town in Costa Rica. Tourists flock there around the year.

There are numerous things one can try while enjoying the world-class surfing conditions in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. It is the ideal pick for beginners and intermediates alike to explore the cool new-age restaurants and shops while spending time on the perfect beaches and welcoming azure waters.

The Santa Teresa town encompasses over a 10 km stretch of the white sandy coastline, including the smaller communities. Communities across Santa Teresa Beach, Banana Beach, and Playa Carmen are popular spots to stay in a hotel Santa Teresa. It is extremely popular, alluring the livelier, younger, international crowd that serves every traveler the perfect peace they have been in search of.

The best part about staying here in Santa Teresa is the astonishing day trips that you can take. There are several things to discover here, right from the bohemian town of Montezuma, Costa Rica, with their notable Montezuma Waterfalls and the iconic location of Tortuga Island to the underrates Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve and Cabuya Island Cemetry.

Best Things to Do in Santa Teresa

Although staying in a hotel Santa Teresa involves surfing and hanging out on the beach, there are a couple of things you can try out in this iconic spot if you wish to bask under the sun. The things that you can try out here are extremely diverse, right from horseback riding at sunset to astonishing day trips to the Cayabuya Island Cemetry, Montezuma Beach, and Tortuga Island. Here is the complete list of the things that you can do during your stay in one of the hotels in Santa Teresa:

Surfing in Santa Teresa

One of the ideal things to do here is surf. The waves are one of the consistent ones in Costa Rica and are ideal for intermediates and beginners. Several great surfing sports in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, are spread out through the coast, which means that you will not encounter intensely packed lineups and more.

If you are in search of the best surf camps or the lessons offered by Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, you should never look over the Lapoint Costa Rica. You may even locate a couple of Santa Teresa surfing shops offering hourly rental boards around Playa Carment and Playa Santa Teresa at the south end.

Explore Santa Teresa Town

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, is the smallest town that can be effectively explored by bicycle during the afternoon. Initiate from the north end of Playa Santa Teresa and ride south down the main road. You can pass by the surf shops, cafes, restaurants, and trendy stores before arriving in the community of Banana Beach.

As you continue along the south, you can find Playa Carmen on the right through the thicker layer of the jungle and can find more shops and cafes. If you consider walking through the main road, you should remember that there are a few blank areas that need development, mainly between Banana Beach and Santa Teresa Beach along the main road.

Mal Pais Tidal Pools

One of the most distinctive things to do in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, is to visit the Mal Pais Tidal Pools. These natural rock pools fill with water at high tide, making them ideal swimming spots whenever the tide is going back.

You can locate a series of the smaller marine life and spend the ideal time frolicking within the pools. Never be aware of the higher waves spontaneously washing in and staying safer.

To land on the tide pools, you can park your rental car or ATV right at the front of the campground at Playa Mar Azul. From there, you can head right down the beach while walking along the rocks present in your life. You can find the Mal Pais Tidepools around the corner on the peninsula.

Tortuga Island Day Trip

If you are planning a fun day trip from Santa Teresa, you should look at Tortuga Island. It is one of the best recommendations for a hotel in Santa Teresa.

Isla Tortuga is a smaller, uninhabited island boasting an iconic white-sand beach, transparent turquoise waters, and a lush jungle. It is the ideal place to spend your day swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, or exploring.

Montezuma Beach Day Trip

Yet another great day trip from Santa Teresa to their neighboring beach town of Montezuma. It is the bohemian beach town that is located around 40 minutes of drive from Santa Teresa.

It is famous for its Montezuma waterfalls, that is identical to La Fortuna Waterfall with the natural pools and chill backpacker vibe. The beaches in Montezuma are a few of the ideal ones in Costa Rica.

Enjoy Sunset with a Coconut

One of the ideal things to do in Santa Teresa is unwind on the beach with a good book and a refreshing coconut. Santa Teresa is home to some of the most beautiful sunsets in Costa Rica.

Whenever you stay at one of the best backpacker hotels or luxury resorts, ensure to take some time out of your day to enjoy the sunset.

Yoga on the Beach

One of the ideal aspects of practicing yoga in Santa Teresa is that you can do it on the beach. You can buy your yoga mat at the town store or bring one of you to set up a solo practice right on the sand. We recommend you do it at sunrise when the light is soft, and the sun does not heat up, as there are a couple of individuals right on the beach.

Rounding It Up

After you have selected a hotel in Santa Teresa, like Laloon Luxury Suites, time starts to tick off your travel itinerary. Are you unsure about planning your trip? Our entire guide can help you. You can locate the best time to stay here, where you can eat, or how you can get around for more on your trip to Santa Teresa!

Hotel in Santa Teresa

Revealing Heaven on Earth: The Best Hotel in Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa – the name itself brings to mind images of endless sunny beaches, huge waves crashing down, and a laid-back atmosphere that seeps into your skin like the warm ocean air. With so many hotels to choose from, how do you find the perfect one? Fear not, adventurers! This article will guide you through Santa Teresa’s bustling hospitality scene and help you find the best Hotel in Santa Teresa to stay for an unforgettable Costa Rican getaway.

Luxury Unveiled: Pampering Stays for Discerning Travelers

For those who crave indulgence, Santa Teresa boasts a selection of luxurious hotels that redefine relaxation. Imagine waking up to the sound of the ocean, stepping onto a private balcony overlooking the endless blue, and indulging in an open-air spa treatment. Hotels like Casa Chameleon Mal Pais or Florblanca Resort cater to this desire, offering exquisite villas with infinity pools, gourmet dining experiences, and personalized service that anticipates your every need.

Embrace the Bohemian Spirit: Stylish Boutique Hotels

The bohemian spirit of Santa Teresa thrives in its selection of chic boutique hotels. This means cozy venues, materials sourced locally, and an emphasis on delivering a truly Costa Rican experience. A good example is Hotel Nantipa, which provides lovely bungalows surrounded by lush plants just a few steps from the beach. Somos adopts a more contemporary stance through its sleek design and commitment to sustainability thus making it ideal for eco-conscious travelers.

Surfing Mecca: Hotels for Wave Riders

Santa Teresa is a surfer’s paradise with accommodation options that cater to this adventurous crowd. For instance, Fuego Lodge situates you in the middle of all action with readily available surfboards and lessons. Horizon Hotel & Yoga Center combines comfortable lodgings with pre-surf yoga sessions plus a sociable environment where one can meet fellow wave riders.

Adventure Calls: Eco-Lodges and Wellness Retreats

For those who want to get close to nature, Santa Teresa has a rainforest filled with different eco-lodges. Blue Surf Sanctuary offers private bungalows that are surrounded by beautiful flowers and trees. Another thing is that they are located near surf breaks which makes them easily accessible. Pranamar Oceanfront Villas & Yoga is one of the wellness retreats. Here you can stay in luxurious rooms while also doing daily yoga classes. Also, here you can have healthy meals so that your entire being is refreshed.

Beyond the Room: Things To Do While You’re Here

Choosing a hotel is just the beginning. When vacationing in Santa Teresa – there are several activities you can adopt to fill your days.

  • Ride the waves: With consistently good waves all year round, Santa Teresa is perfect for both beginner and expert surfers alike. There are plenty of surf schools offering lessons and equipment rentals.
  • Embrace the yoga within: Yoga studios are as common here as surf schools – whether you prefer gentle Vinyasa flows or invigorating Ashtanga sessions, there’s a class for every level.
  • Explore the coastline: Rent a bike or ATV and explore the picturesque coastline of Santa Teresa – you’ll discover hidden coves, empty beaches, and charming oceanfront eateries along the way.
  • Hiking through the Rainforest: The green paths that pass through the roof of the rainforest are very many; this place is great for seeing strange creatures and getting close to the marvels of Costa Rican nature.
  • Indulge in culinary delights Restaurants in Santa Teresa have everything from fish that were swimming a few hours ago, to dishes from different countries around the world. Try casado (rice, beans, and meat), or have a fancy meal under the stars.

What To Consider When Choosing A Hotel

With so many options available, it may be difficult for one to choose where they would like to sleep. Consider how much money you’d like to spend; how nice you want everything around you; and what activities are planned during this time.

  • Location: Do you want to be on the beach? Close to surf breaks? In the jungle? Figure out what kind of scenery will make your perfect Santa Teresa vacation complete.
  • Your Travel Style: Are you on a mission to meet new friends or hoping for some secluded romance? Pick hotels with social atmospheres or serene privacy accordingly based on whether travelers are alone or with someone else.
  • Activities: Do they have any equipment such as surfboards available? Will there be yoga classes offered at these accommodations which align with my interests?

Laloon: The portal to an unforgettable Santa Teresa adventure

Laloon Luxury Suits is your trusty sidekick, regardless of where you choose to stay in Santa Teresa. We have handpicked all our listings and only work with the most trustworthy partners. This means that we will never let you down when it comes to quality or safety.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, pick your sunscreen glasses, and let’s discover the magic of Santa Teresa together.

Ocean View Hotel in Costa Rica

Explore Coastal Elegance With Our Ocean View Hotel in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the ultimate paradise whether you are an adventure seeker, good cuisine, family-friendly activities, or any all-inclusive resort. Costa Rica, the amazing Central American country, is filled with beaches, rain forests, eco-chic hotels, biodiverse wildlife, rivers, and more. It has been the most enticing place for vacationers, and in recent times, it has evolved in popularity. And so goes the stay at our ocean-view hotel in Costa Rica.

It comes with no wonder that everyone has something to do here. Laloon Luxury Suites is a tropical paradise offering awe-inspiring views right of the Pacific Ocean, and there is nothing better than indulging in this scenic beauty from all our rooms. It is a luxurious destination that is located at the tropical hillside, offering all our guests a breathtaking glimpse of the ocean vistas that have more to boost your experience in your stay here.

Difference Between Ocean-View & Oceanfront Rooms

The Ocean view indicates that you can check out the ocean view right from your room irrespective of how impressive the views are. However, the oceanfront will help ensure that the room faces right into the ocean, offering you the ideal views that we have in our offerings. We can help you explore everything that you need during your stay with us. Remember that oceanfront rooms are different from the ones with beachfront rooms, which are generally located to overlook sandy beaches.

Visit Costa Rican Hotspots In Your Stay Here

Check Out The Astonishing National Parks

Costa Rica is the home to some of the best 30 national parks with around five percent of the biodiversity of the world. You will find coral reefs, cloud forests, rain forests, and dry forests that you can explore. One of the ideal things that you can do with your stay in our hotel in Costa Rica is mainly Tenorio Volcano National Park and also view the stunning Rio Celeste waterfall.

Explore The Active and Dormant Volcanoes

Costa Rica has more than 60 volcanoes, including five active ones. One of the highly popular attractions is the Arenal Volcano, mainly for individuals who plan to hike in its rugged terrain or soak in the soothing geothermal hot springs. Various resorts and spas are in the area to derive the ideal perk of the warm water naturally.

Enjoy The Wildlife Paradise

Around 30 percent of Costa Rica is safeguarded by its national parks, refuges, and reserves, as there are several places for the animal population to survive. You can head out anywhere to discover the wildlife. It is the country that remains a haven for around 500,000 animal species, including humpback whales, scarlet macaws, sea turtles, sloths, and green iguanas.

Enjoy The Peacefulness & Serenity of Ocean Views

The sight that you get from our ocean-view hotel in Costa Rica is huge and has a direct impact on the human mind as it is the phenomenon attributed to the mindset. The peaceful environment that we offer with the unobstructed ocean view will offer a sense of peace that you can hardly find anywhere else. You will find the most tranquil atmosphere here, enabling your guests to relax, unwind, and escape out of city life.

Access to Activities and Amenities

Your stay with us will help you derive the better peaks of the numerous beachfront activities along with amenities that you can try out here, right from swimming at our stunning pool that blends perfectly well with the ocean or taking part in water sports like snorkeling, surfing, and kayaking, where you will get a diverse range of options to experience the ocean in numerous ways.

Explore Our Hummingbird Capital of the World

Costa Rica is an iconic place, especially if you are a bird watcher; however, it is specifically best if you are planning to get a small glimpse of one of the various other hummingbird species that call it their home. There are a couple of forms of birds you will come across, including the coppery-headed emerald, violet sabrewig, and the magenta-throated woodstar.

Discover this Unsung Culinary Location

Food is typically not the first thing that strikes people’s minds whenever they consider vacationing in Costa Rica. However, with its conventional cuisine, which is formed out of Indigenous, Spanish, and Caribbean influences and bountiful fresh ingredients, it is a hotspot for adventure seekers who are foodies. 


A couple of the most famous dishes include arreglados which is a form of sandwich made of veggies, cheese, and meat, vuelve a la vida, or a ceviche-like seafood cocktail. And pejibayes or peach palm fruits that are served with mayonnaise after being boiled.

Enjoy The Pacific and Caribbean Beaches

Costa Rica has laid out the notable impacts in terms of safeguarding their national parklands, while the same is true for its beaches. The country boasts more than 800 miles of pristine and beautiful shoreline at its Pacific and Caribbean coasts. The Nicoya Peninsula is mainly famous for its laid-back beach towns of Santa Teresa and several different surfing spots.

Creating The Best Memories

Lastly, one of the highly notable perks of your stay at our hotel is to create the most unforgettable memories that you can create. The astonishing sunsets and sunrises, the soothing effect of the ocean, and the sight of the wildlife in its natural habitat will help make the ideal vacation here.

Plan A Trip Today!

We hope that we have explained every pointer on how you can make your stay worthwhile at our ocean-view hotel in Costa Rica, Laloon Luxury Suites. There are various types of destinations to check out here, along with the amenities and activities that have made this location the ideal place for those in search of escapades.

If you need more help with other details, then you are on the right page. Our website is listed with numerous itinerary ideas that will align well with travelers from all over the world. Staying at our ocean-view hotel will make your visit to Costa Rica the ultimate experience if you are an adventurer or honeymooner. You can boost your entire vacation experience while indulging in the luxury of our resort will make its way down your memory lane. Consider the various perks of waking up to the breathtaking ocean view at Laloon Luxury Suites if you plan for a tropical getaway!

Luxury Suites with The Best View in Santa Teresa.
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